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BCT employes the most advanced risk management tools to protect your investments. Apply leverage to your investments to increase trading power, and work with a personal broker to learn the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrencies in order to maximize your profits and minimize your risks
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Learn about the best Bitcoin trading strategies with some of BCT’s most successful traders. Use our patented Bitcoincopytrader™ technology to follow and duplicate the investments made by our top traders.

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Please note that past performance is in no way an indicator of future results.
Trading Bitcoins, as with all assets, involves a certain amount of risk,and traders should be careful to only invest sums that are prepared to lose.
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Bitcoin trading FAQs
What is the best way to trade Bitcoin ?
For novice traders, the best ways to trade are by duplicating trades of the most successful traders, and by using the BCT PAMM trading network. A PAMM network, or Percentage Allocation Management Module, is one in which several investors pool their funds together with that of an experienced broker, who then invests the pooled funds when and how he sees fit. As the broker also has a stake in the pooled funds, he has everything to gain by the trains being profitable, and everything to lose if they are not. At the end of the investment period – for example,six months – each investor receives the percentage of the profits commensurate with the percentage of the original funds that he invested. That is to say, if a trader invested $2,000 out of $20,000, or 10% of the total account, if the account has earned $10,000 and is now valued at $30,000, that trader owns $3,000 of it. If he chooses to pull out of the PAMM account, he leaves with his $3,000. If he chooses to stay, his $3,000 can be reinvested.
The second suggestion for beginning traders is to make use of Bitcoincopytrader’s patented technology which enables traders to follow and replicate the trades of the most successful traders on our website. While past performance is no guarantee of future success, it always helps to follow in the footsteps of a more experienced trader who has proven to understand how cryptocurrency markets move.
What are the risks of Bitcoin trading and how can I avoid them?
As with any financial assets, trading Bitcoins offers investors wonderful opportunities. However, with those opportunities also come several risks. Even the savviest of investors can mistakenly predict that the market will move in one direction, only to then watch it move in the other. Also, world events – geopolitical, economic, even weather-related – can affect market trends and movements in completely unexpected ways. The most successful traders are those who are able to turn a profit on 75-80% of their investments.
There is no way to completely avoid any risk, but there steps that traders can take that will keep the risks at a minimum, and keep them manageable.
  1. Do not treat investing as a guessing game. Take the time to learn market trends, while investing smaller amounts so that you do not suffer too great a financial setback
  2. Do not be afraid to ask questions of more experienced traders, and to use their trading strategies as a learning tool for you to develop your own strategies.
  3. Be flexible. If you have invested money in Bitcoins and see that the price is dropping rather than rising,there is nothing wrong with deciding to pull out and cut your losses before they get too high.
How can I learn to trade Bitcoin ?
BCT provides several very useful tools to help get your successful trading career on its way:
  • We facilitate online meetings for new traders with many of our most successful traders who are happy to teach you the methods and strategies that have helped them trade so well
  • Live discussions on our trading page that enable you to keep up with all of the latest market trends
  • Every trader is assigned a personal broker to help him understand the world of Bitcoin trading and to maximize his profits while help keep the risks at a minimum
  • Regular email updates regarding the trading markets
  • Blog posts, live hangouts and video tutorials on trading strategies and methods
More than 6 million traders worldwide, covering the full gamut of trading experience, are on the BCT platform. Online discussions discussing investments and portfolio allocations allow our users to learn from one another. Our platform also enables traders to track the portfolios of our most successful traders, and to duplicate the investments that they make, which is an especially helpful tool for new investors trying to learn market trends and movements.
Why should I choose BCT over other cryptocurrency or forex companies?
BCT places a very strong focus on the trader’s individual experience. We want our traders to profit from trading Bitcoins, as well as to understand what they are doing, and to enjoy doing it. And yes, there are platforms that offer High frequency trading (HFT) , and platforms offering PAMM trading networks, and even some who provide personal account managers to their users, but only BCT offers all of these.
In addition to Bitcoins, the BTC user-friendly platform allows traders to invest in cryptocurrency only. Traders who are unsure of the best way to invest in a particular instrument, can find other traders who specialize in that instrument via our “People Discovery” in order learn from them and to replicate their investments.
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